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Deception Wears Many Faces has now been published by Bloodhound Books!

Bloodhound Books

I’m delighted to announce that Bloodhound Books have now published my sixth novel, Deception Wear Many Faces. ‘More twists and turns than a roller coaster… hooks the reader from the very first page,’ says one Amazon reviewer. The novel is available on ebook and paperback formats via this link.

Here’s a taster:

When Lyddie takes her sister to Devon to recover after a recent suicide attempt, it starts a train of events that will put their lives in grave danger.

Ellie has been the victim of a professional con artist, one who stole her savings, then disappeared from her life. Driven by her own history of failed relationships, Lyddie vows revenge on the man who broke her sister’s heart. 

Soon she assumes a false identity and begins her hunt for a man she knows to be cold, calculating and ruthless. But who is fooling whom? And can Lyddie find the justice she seeks and heal her damaged sister?

Bloodhound Books are a leading and fast-growing publisher of crime and thriller fiction, and I am delighted to be continuing my relationship with them, following the release of Guilty Innocence, The Second Captive and Sister, Psychopath.

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